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I decided to write a log, well, sort-of-a Captain’s log about the things I learned on my way to eternity in beyond. Because I currently work for Zemanta and explore new territories, this log will be called zemlog, what else?! Beware, zemlogs may or may not include all tech and geek nonsense as well as some basic findings about Life, Love and the Universe. If you think you can handle all this, you’re more than welcome to learn as I learn, laugh when I laugh and faceplam when I facepalm. Otherwise, GTFOH. Or not :bumpy:

Remember: If everything else fails, use humor. Usually it doesn’t kill anyone. If it does, it doesn’t matter if you failed. You’ll have bigger problem.


Today’s gems

  • Google webfonts: font-a-stic, I already incorporated them into this blog… Cool, right? Well, have to find the best combination so I won’t need the Enigma to decipher widget titles :D


First Expedition into GoogleRefine:

A short trip in the field of regular expressions:

  • I really should obtain and use O’Reilly’s book on regular expressions.
  • I like them.
  • They’re useful.
  • I like patterns.

Thoughts on Life, Love and the Universe

The strangest things happen when you don’t expect them. While waiting for plane to Brussels at Frankfurt I saw John Malkovich. I didn’t make this up. He actually was in Europe! :)

On the same pic you can see the guy in the front resembling Frasier‘s brother Dr. Niles Crane from TV show Frasier.



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