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A woman on a sidewalk was carrying loadshit of cardboard boxes and struggling with a mean-looking poodle. The dog repeatedly tried to chew through its leash and when this didn’t happen, he made a circle back and to the right of the woman (on the bikepath). If it wouldn’t be so funny, it just wouldn’t be. :D  I was expecting woman to eventually drop all the boxes (because of all the pulling) and smack the poodle. :D She didn’t, at least not on my watch! :P

Lessons learned: Don’t buy poodles. Ever. They look mean. If you have to carry a shitload of boxes and walk your dog, put the dog in one of the boxes.

To be continued in the evening…

The evening has come.

Pimp my Google Chrome while Foxy’s not watching

Yesterday I got a special tee – Firefox tee. Today I decided to use Chrome as THE browser, because my Foxy Lady behaves like the main character in Yo mama jokes. If this makes me a bad person, so be it. I still like Foxy, but it eats up too much resources just for few open tabs. I wonder if it’s tr00 what they claim about No.7. :)

While exploring Chrome Apps I found some that might come handy, e.g. MockFlow, Evernote, Sticky Notes and ShiftEdit to name but a few. My Chrome got some polish…

This evening @ Zemanta: Firefox 7 release party :)

 The name of the game

First week in September we had a hackday at Z-HQ. I was working with Tin (a very cool NY guy) on gamifying Zemanta experience… We ended up with some mockups and then last week Tin found this site: Big Outdoor. No, this is not the store where Gill Bear buys his gear (does he have anything except his knife?). :) I included Big Outdoor Widget on this blog to explore a bit (can you see it, can you?), and tomorrow… yes, tomorrow will be another day. :P No, seriously, they offer free API and if I don’t even try to use it, I’m lame. No excuses.

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