Timeless Lego – what’s your story?

My first set of Lego bricks from childhood is no longer in my “toys inventory”, but memories are still here. Walking along the aisles with toys in almost any store these days makes me think that kids these days are left with no room for their own imagination. Why? You can get pre-packed sets of bricks for building a pirate ship or construction site or I don’t know… a town?, all nicely accompanied by a booklet with step-by-step instructions on how to build this house or that house and how this or that could/should look like when finished.

Lego Castle

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Not so long ago I witnessed a scene with father and girl playing with bricks. Father: “No, not this way, why don’t you follow the instructions to build this house?
Last week my boyfriend and I visited his niece. She took me to her room and pointed at her LEGO harbor with ships, containers and everything: “Look what my daddy built.” :D

Crazy, isn’t it? I know, I know… kids can still mix and match bricks and characters from different LEGO sets (regardless of instructions), but still…

I don’t quite buy this advertisement about building my own story from simple bricks… LEGO is no longer just a yellow brick, green brick, blue brick or red brick – maybe it still is for some adults but (in my opinion) definitely not for kids –  just look at the variety of products on their website.  :)

However, I do like the idea.

Lego: Yellow Brick, Green Brick, Blue Brick, Red Brick

The ads appeared on four consecutive pages. LEGO is a company that has fostered imagination, invention and creativity for over 60 years. So it is unusual for these ads to feature only long copy with minimal imagery.

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