Social media replacing CRM system – huh??

Anyone with a grain of salt in the head would think twice before letting social media replace CRM system.

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I’m not an expert in this area but… c’mon. Let’s think about some things I observed in last few years:

  1. Most of the companies are very slow at picking up new (social) media.
  2. At the time they create their accounts, set up profile pages and engage in communication, the hype is already gone (most of the times).
  3. All your data belong to us” – in this case ‘us‘ is not you. ;) If your customer decides to leave Facebook, or Twitter or social media X, and she deletes her account, you can kiss this customer (and data) goodbye.

As Matthew said: do keep in touch through it, but don’t rely on it. :)

Why social media does not replace a CRM system

Matthew Collis | 2012/01/24 | 0 Comments Social media as the silver bullet? You’re using social media, and at this point, keeping in touch with your sphere of influence (SOI) through Facebook and Twitter is nothing new. Therefore, a database or contact management system isn’t really required, right? Well, not so fast.



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