Public Transport Hell: Inconsiderate People

I’m a daily commuter. I spend almost 4 hours every day on a train and believe you me… there are times when I would use a cell phone jammer myself if I had one…

Situation #1: Woman was talking to her (girl)friend on a cell through speaker! about how she cheated on her husband for almost an hour. Like we wanted to know every dirty detail…

Situation #2: A girl considered a hole train set as her private office. She made like ten phone calls. She was using a headset (earplugs) with the phone and obviously she lost a feeling how loud she’s talking. She was screaming.

Situation #3: Listening to really loud music via phone so we all have to listen to it, like it or not.

Situation #4: Eating really smelly food (like McShittyStuff or any other fast food) in a small train unit 20 minutes before departure. We had to bare with this smell till the end of the ride. The worst thing is… it doesn’t smell bad to the people eating this shit.

Situation #5: There is a bar on the train and sometimes three or four guys talk really loud and laugh like it is their last day on earth while drinking beers. And this is early 6am train, when some people would like to take a nap…

Get my point?

It doesn’t matter if you ask them politely, because… they don’t care. It doesn’t even matter if you grumble… they don’t care. I can understand why the guy decided to jam cell phone signal, someone must have stepped on his nerve. Being Batman is not the right thing to do, but hey, do we have another option?

Maybe one day I’ll throw up on someone eating bad smelling stuff. I wonder if they’ll ever eat again on a train.

Philadelphia Bus Troll Jams Cell Phone Signals When People Talk Too Loudly [Wireless]

I can understand the need for enforced cell phone silence in a variety of venues – libraries, funerals, theaters. But on a public bus in the middle of Philadelphia? Call me old fashioned, but that’s kind of a dick move.

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