On bureaucracy and other not-much-sense matters

Cover of "Linchpin: Are You Indispensable...

Cover of Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

Today it was a non-tech-all-bureaucracy day.

The riddle

I was updating (writing and filling additional forms) our application for a public call for (co)financing. I was amused and puzzled at the same time by the instruction that applicants have to enclose signed blank copy of an contract example, which was part of call’s documentation.Wait, that’s not all! Each and every page has to have a signature on it. Wait…wait… there’s more! On the first page of the contract draft is following disclaimer: “This text is an contract example and subject to change until the contract is signed.” WTF do we have to sign it then (put a paraph on every page)? It must be something about legal matters… or something.

Lessons learned: Bureaucracy is everything but logical. I have trouble spelling bureaucracy.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Today is the day Win XP died on my old notebook. Ubuntu is THE new piece of clothes. Don’t tell my beloved notebook its naked. Please. :) It seems it has enough problems (freezing just because) without this missing piece of reality check.

Scrabble this

On the train ride back home, while I was enjoying Seth Godin‘s Linchpin, two older gentlemen (really nice and friendly) sitting across from me obviously observed me. When I was preparing to get off the train, one of them shared their observations with me. :D They were amazed about me working (reading) all the way from Ljubljana to Pragersko ( 1h 40 min). I explained them, that commuting is not the same as loosing time if you spend it on/for things that matter to you, e.g. reading, learning etc.

One of them thought I was studying for an exam or something. Heh, I’m waaay beyond this point, but this reminds me I need my beauty sleep. Now! :D

Bonus – six (seven) new words to remember and/or use :)

  • ephemeral – short-lived, lasting a very short time
  • crutch – kind of (temporary and often inappropriate) support, supplement
  • usury – an exorbitant amount/rate of interest
  • (exorbitant – highly excessive)
  • ulterior – intentionally concealed, beyond specified/understood boundary
  • equanimity – mental stability under tension, calmness
  • adroit – cleverly skillful, resourceful


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