Is the mic on?

Is the mic on? Is it?

It is. Woohoo, I guess my Brainmachine is alive! It’s alive! No, actually it’s not, but who wants to deal with all the dirty details…

Well, upon serious reflection I decided to start writting stuff in English, too. Why? Because I can, partially. :D And yes, because I’d like to entertain you all English speaking/reading folks! The breakthrough was BarCamp meeting in Ljubljana, where I met the most awesome audience ever listening to my presentation Brainmachine 101!

Usually I have to deal with über serious scientists or hardcore programmers, who lost their sense of humor with the 1001st line of code. Guess what? Life doesn’t have to be so serious. You can be a geek, a businessman or a scientist and have fun at the same time. It”s not forbidden, doh ;)

I might not be the brightest star in the universe of geekiness, but I pretty sure I can make you laugh … or at least smile for a sec. No? C’mon, I can see a glimpse of smile. See, it doesn’t hurt ;)

Next time is gonna be all about brainmachine, your brainmachine. Don’t go away or don’t go too far.