The day I got smart…

I still remember the day I wanted to throw my old mobile phone in the river. It’s funny story now, but it was not so funny then. It was really early in the morning, I was running near the river, listening to music on my phone, and enjoying the scenery. The sun was about to rise and I saw two beautiful swans dancing on the river. I stopped to take a picture, but the phone froze. No music, no picture, no anything. It took me few minutes to make it work again, but in the meanwhile swans flew away. I was so cross with the phone that I wanted to throw it into water. This ‘freezing accident’ was just a tip of an iceberg. My old phone had Symbian on it, but a lot of people switched to smart phones already. There were tons of cool applications for smarties, but almost none for Symbian. I really wanted to finally use this new Foursquare app!

Of course I didn’t throw the old one in the river, I got smart instead. Shiny black display greeted me on a hot summer day. My precious. I named it SparkPhone.

To be honest – I had good times with my old phone, too. Photos are worth a gazillion words:

Smart phone is not the only gadget I own and use regularly. Please welcome to the family one Kindle, two iPods, one powerful Polar RS300X ( sports watch on steroids, one Olympus dictaphone and one notebook. Which one is the favorite one?

Well, when I think of my gadgets I must say that mobile phone has always been my best friend and my worst enemy: it is the instrument for capturing the beauty of spontaneous moments (check the photos below), it was the weapon of love for announcing the (foreseen but premature) break-up, it connects me to the world when I need it, it captures my creative flashes, stores my forget-me-not-notes…

… oh, yes, and I can make/take phone calls with it.

Every friendship is booby trapped and this one is no exception. Gadgets, especially the new ones, have the tendency to enslave their owners. I’m aware of this and that’s why I don’t use it 24/7. I could go on and on about this, but I have to go now and play with my SparkPhone.