Pushing it step by step… this time ACTA

If you want to introduce a really huge change into the system, you do it slowly, gradually, step by step, so that people don’t see it coming. It’s not the musicians who will benefit from this all, but all the record houses and all the others who refuse to change themselves, their policies, their way of doing business. It’s much easier to enforce more rules and laws. It would be much better if they would instead try to introduce changes into their mental models.

We used to say “Only in America”… but we don’t anymore. It’s happening everywhere.

Amid ACTA Outcy, Politicians Don Anonymous Guy Fawkes Masks

Members of Poland’s Parliament hold up Guy Fawkes masks, symbolizing protests by Anonymous, to protest ACTA. A new photo is doing the rounds on the Internet. It shows members of the Polish parliament holding print-outs of the notorious Guy Fawkes mask in front of their faces, homage to an unofficial symbol of the Anonymous cyber collective.

via: www.forbes.com


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