It’s not your business, it’s Pope’s Business?

While we worry (or not) about our after life, some care about their “business”. Everything is business these days, why not religion? What happened to the moral standards, to the  “share good things and do no harm”, to “sacred vs secular”?

There is a difference between being religious and being church-blinded. Some consider themselves as very religious people, because they visit church daily, but they harm their own families or even abuse them (physically or psychologically). You don’t need Vatikan to believe in God and/or to be a good person!, but Vatikan needs you to do its business. My dear sheep when will you realize most of your shepherds (and their bosses) are mostly wolves in human skin?

It’s all about the cha-ching, cha-ching
It’s all about the ba-bling, ba-bling…

JPMorgan Doesn’t Want Pope’s Business

Comments () The Vatican is in public-relations panic-mode … again. But it’s not the pedophile priest scandal or Vatileaks that has the pope’s image-makers hopping. This time the Holy See faces serious allegations that its curious accounting practices are really a cover for a money-laundering scheme.

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Public Transport Hell: Inconsiderate People

I’m a daily commuter. I spend almost 4 hours every day on a train and believe you me… there are times when I would use a cell phone jammer myself if I had one…

Situation #1: Woman was talking to her (girl)friend on a cell through speaker! about how she cheated on her husband for almost an hour. Like we wanted to know every dirty detail…

Situation #2: A girl considered a hole train set as her private office. She made like ten phone calls. She was using a headset (earplugs) with the phone and obviously she lost a feeling how loud she’s talking. She was screaming.

Situation #3: Listening to really loud music via phone so we all have to listen to it, like it or not.

Situation #4: Eating really smelly food (like McShittyStuff or any other fast food) in a small train unit 20 minutes before departure. We had to bare with this smell till the end of the ride. The worst thing is… it doesn’t smell bad to the people eating this shit.

Situation #5: There is a bar on the train and sometimes three or four guys talk really loud and laugh like it is their last day on earth while drinking beers. And this is early 6am train, when some people would like to take a nap…

Get my point?

It doesn’t matter if you ask them politely, because… they don’t care. It doesn’t even matter if you grumble… they don’t care. I can understand why the guy decided to jam cell phone signal, someone must have stepped on his nerve. Being Batman is not the right thing to do, but hey, do we have another option?

Maybe one day I’ll throw up on someone eating bad smelling stuff. I wonder if they’ll ever eat again on a train.

Philadelphia Bus Troll Jams Cell Phone Signals When People Talk Too Loudly [Wireless]

I can understand the need for enforced cell phone silence in a variety of venues – libraries, funerals, theaters. But on a public bus in the middle of Philadelphia? Call me old fashioned, but that’s kind of a dick move.

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Be afraid… be very afraid? Google’s New Privacy Policy

It’s out. Basically, if you haven’t been afraid before, I don’t know why you should be now. It’s too late. All your data belongs to us, Google users. They said they don’t collect any new or additional info about us and that they won’t sell us out. We’ll see, won’t we.

And by the way… we know what you surfed, G+d and youtubed last summer :) You better take control of that.

Google’s New Privacy Policy Goes Into Effect Today

The recent major changes in Google’s privacy policy go into effect today, March 1. In January 2012, Google announced a new master privacy policy that replaces more than 70 different documents and governs all of Google’s products.

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Pushing it step by step… this time ACTA

If you want to introduce a really huge change into the system, you do it slowly, gradually, step by step, so that people don’t see it coming. It’s not the musicians who will benefit from this all, but all the record houses and all the others who refuse to change themselves, their policies, their way of doing business. It’s much easier to enforce more rules and laws. It would be much better if they would instead try to introduce changes into their mental models.

We used to say “Only in America”… but we don’t anymore. It’s happening everywhere.

Amid ACTA Outcy, Politicians Don Anonymous Guy Fawkes Masks

Members of Poland’s Parliament hold up Guy Fawkes masks, symbolizing protests by Anonymous, to protest ACTA. A new photo is doing the rounds on the Internet. It shows members of the Polish parliament holding print-outs of the notorious Guy Fawkes mask in front of their faces, homage to an unofficial symbol of the Anonymous cyber collective.



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Social media replacing CRM system – huh??

Anyone with a grain of salt in the head would think twice before letting social media replace CRM system.

English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...

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I’m not an expert in this area but… c’mon. Let’s think about some things I observed in last few years:

  1. Most of the companies are very slow at picking up new (social) media.
  2. At the time they create their accounts, set up profile pages and engage in communication, the hype is already gone (most of the times).
  3. All your data belong to us” – in this case ‘us‘ is not you. ;) If your customer decides to leave Facebook, or Twitter or social media X, and she deletes her account, you can kiss this customer (and data) goodbye.

As Matthew said: do keep in touch through it, but don’t rely on it. :)

Why social media does not replace a CRM system

Matthew Collis | 2012/01/24 | 0 Comments Social media as the silver bullet? You’re using social media, and at this point, keeping in touch with your sphere of influence (SOI) through Facebook and Twitter is nothing new. Therefore, a database or contact management system isn’t really required, right? Well, not so fast.



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COD: boredom

You may be dead and you don’t even know it.

If you’re not having fun at least 5 minutes a day, you’re dead. You think you’re tired, but you’re just bored – bored with your boss, your gf/bf, life in general.

I’m not dead…. anymore. I said “I quit.” and “So long, suckers!” I draw. I run. I laugh. Now it’s your turn.

Dead Vlei 2

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Brainmachine 101 – Unleash the Power of Memorizing … Part 1

Now hear this, now hear this! We have a visitor!

Let me guess. You’re here because someone forced you to come here. No?
Because you’re curious? Do you wanna rule the world or show off in front of your friends or … maybe even get laid?

You are at the right place to obtain unbeatable and mesmerizing super memorization powers! Ready, steady? No-go! Easy now… don’t rush, please :)

First things first. Try to quickly remember items from list below, because it’ll be gone in 6,0 seconds! Darn, where is Nicholas Cage when you need him?!
(Actually, the list won’t be gone, you have to pretend like you don’t see it anymore, k?)


Miss Piggy
Bumble bee

Stop looking at the list!
6,0 seconds are gone!

Before I reveal you all the secrets of the GettinStuffIntoMemoryToGetLaid, you have to meet the good, the bad and the ugly. Everyone, meet the good – brainmachine, the bad – memory and the ugly – training.

The Good – Brainmachine

I’m quite sure you think I’ll say your brainmachine is like a machine, but with brain. Doh! Surprise!
I won’t! Because it’s not! Brainmachine (anonymous) is like a memory factory, where memories are produced in three stages: acquire, store, use. If you want to memorize “something”, first you have acquire this “something”, right? And if you want to use it later, you have to store it. Somehow. As simple as 1,2,3.

Every factory needs a heavy worker or two — in our case three muscular, handsome… wait,wait, wait! Wrong movie. Anyways, if you want to acquire successfully, you have to pay attention! Pay attention! NOW! In next step try to relate things to stuff you already know. Isn’t this just like…? YES! Isn’t she just like…? YUP, SHE IS! And one more thing… Gals and dudes, please, get emotional while storing’n’organizing stuff into/in your head! #$%&”!!! You will remember it much easier. Really. Trust me … trust me or I’ll cry you a river! ;-(

Until now you’ve met three heavy workers: attention, associations and emotions! It’s time to meet the last one. Repetition. Use the stuff you learned as often as possible. Again. And again. And then again!

So far so good.

The Bad – Memory

Do you (at least sometimes) perceive your memory as a chunk of cheese and you can’t locate the darn mouse making extra holes in it? I have great news for you, folks! I can help you exterminate this  f***ing mouse! :lol: However, there are some nifty facts about the memory, if you’re still curious …


Did you know people can be divided into Shorties and Longies? Before you get too excited – NO, it has nothing to do with your height or with the length of Mr. Johnson. Shorties are people with the memorization capacity of a goldfish. They can remember things for few seconds or in maybe even minutes … but then … it’s all gone. People borrowing things from you (esp. money) are definitely shorties. One minute you lend them something, next minute they don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

On the other hand, person remembering something for a looooong (and I mean loooooooooong) period of time — like elephants do, is definitely a Longie. There is a 99% chance, that your spouse (or girl or best friend) is a longie. You don’t believe me, do you? Try to forget her birthday or an important anniversary. I can guarantee you she will remember every single detail, every single word you said that day and she won’t hesitate to use this memory against you when you’ll least expect it — even after 20 years! No, you won’t see it coming.Take my advice, be careful with Longies, k?


As if life wasn’t complicated enough, people can be further divided into Lefties and Righties. Do you recall the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Here we can talk about Dr. Ratio and Mr. Emotio(n). A Leftie or Dr. Ratio has no problems remembering facts and numbers. He will be able to memorize the pin code of your credit card (or the number of that secret bank account of yours) without special effort. He is very fond of logic, all kinds of lists and he’s probably the honorary member of some weird club named SequencesRule!

Mr. Emotion(n), definitely a Rightie, is quite the opposite. He likes imagination, colors, chaos and all the pretty pictures — especially in Playboy or Hustler. For Mr. Emotion(n) it is no biggie to remember faces, specially if they belong to blonds, brunettes… if you know what I mean. :lol:

Let me ask you something. Which one are you? None of them? You say you can’t remember numbers nor faces? Ouch, you’re in big trouble.

Come back to read about the ugly, it’s for your own sake.

… to be continued …