Be afraid… be very afraid? Google’s New Privacy Policy

It’s out. Basically, if you haven’t been afraid before, I don’t know why you should be now. It’s too late. All your data belongs to us, Google users. They said they don’t collect any new or additional info about us and that they won’t sell us out. We’ll see, won’t we.

And by the way… we know what you surfed, G+d and youtubed last summer :) You better take control of that.

Google’s New Privacy Policy Goes Into Effect Today

The recent major changes in Google’s privacy policy go into effect today, March 1. In January 2012, Google announced a new master privacy policy that replaces more than 70 different documents and governs all of Google’s products.

We need this to understand how you use our service - you can take it out if you like. Cheers, your Blogspire team.


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