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I can more than relate to the Jelmer’s blog post about annoying situations where this or that content is not available for people outside US. The other day I wanted to buy a book (fiction), the ‘teaser’ on the Amazon site got me interested. After clicking on “Buy with one click” on my Kindle I got this: “This title is not available for customers from your location in: Slovenia”. Why the hell not? I’m quite sure Amazon is not the one to blame for this…

Why don’t publishers finally embrace the e-change and work with it not against it? Why? I don’t frikin get it. Is it about the money? Yes? Then this is one of the reasons WHY they SHOULD change. Opening up might mean lower prices in short-term, but it brings more readers, more customers in the long term. If it’s about the politics… we’re screwed.

Authors, if you want to reach audience outside US use worldwide-Amazon-friendly publishers or use Amazon self-publishing … or any other non-discriminatory publishing service. Howgh.

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January 29, 2012 in Internet , Personal with 7 Comments It would be unimaginable. Unthinkable. Only making my blog available to people using the internet from within The Netherlands. Imagine you would only be able to visit websites hosted in your own country. This would drastically change the way and scale we use the internet.




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Identity problem

Who’s afraid of spider(s)? I am.


Maybe you’ll notice, maybe you won’t. This thingy was made digitally — ok, background was scanned, everything else was made on computer. I even made a special font today (out of my handwriting), but it sucks. Have to make another one. You wonder why? I wanted to post something, but the scanner is not available at the moment, so … this was the only reasonable solution … or not to publish anything, which would be even more reasonable :lol: