New dawn, new life, new comics? Are you serious?

A weird person: “I would like to introduce you Mateja, who is a workaholic, but will soon get a new life. Everybody?”
Everybody: “Hello, Mateja”
Mateja: “Hello, Everybody!”
A weird person again: “See Mateja? It’s not that hard.”

After this totally inappropriate intro it is time for me to tell you the truth. Are you ready? Ok, here it comes.

I love comics. I love Savage chickens and author’s witty way of making me laugh. But this is not all. There is more. I hate sitting all day behind a computer and writing stupid PhD. Now I said it. It’s out, it is alive and kicking screaming! I decided to have at least 1% of fun while doing it and draw a comic, similar to my favourite chickens. Wait! Wait! Before you jump to conclusions and start criticizing me… the only thing in common is/will be the paper, well … post-it notes, on which both comics are/will be drawn.

That’s more or less everything I wanted to say. Here’s my yellow-shallow-not-so-mellow attempt to make my self laugh. Maybe even one… or two of you as well. New dawn, new life, new comics? Definitely.


One more thing: please be gentle while criticizing. I ain’t professional cartoonist nor humorist. Just an ordinary girl with leaky anger management module. :mrgrin:

Edit: Make my day in 270px :)