When CubeViz meets statistical data

It is time for the next free webinar in the LOD2 webinar series: CubeViz – a facetted browser for statistical data. The webinar starts on May 28, 2013 at 4:00 PM CEST.

In this one hour webinar Michael Martin (University of Leipzig, AKSW) will present CubeViz – a facetted browser for statistical data utilizing the RDF Data Cube vocabulary which is the state-of-the-art in representing statistical data in RDF. Based on the vocabulary and the encoded Data Cube, CubeViz is generating a facetted browsing widget that can be used to filter interactively observations to be visualized in charts. Who doesn’t like charts instead of raw (linked) data? :)


So… If you are interested in Linked (Open) Data principles and mechanisms, LOD tools & services and concrete use cases that can be realised using LOD then join us in the free LOD2 webinar series!

Do not forget to register here: https://www4.gotomeeting.com/register/687215863

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Identity problem

Who’s afraid of spider(s)? I am.


Maybe you’ll notice, maybe you won’t. This thingy was made digitally — ok, background was scanned, everything else was made on computer. I even made a special font today (out of my handwriting), but it sucks. Have to make another one. You wonder why? I wanted to post something, but the scanner is not available at the moment, so … this was the only reasonable solution … or not to publish anything, which would be even more reasonable :lol: